You can pre-register online or just drop-in. Download the MindBody app to register for class from your phone.



Doors will open 30 minutes before class starts. Arriving at least 10 minutes before class starts helps make for a smooth transition to physically, mentally, and energetically arrive on your mat.


Getting Here

Free and plentiful street parking can be found around the building and we’re conveniently located right off the Midtown Greenway.


Mats + Towels

We have a limited number of mats and hand towels to borrow if you don’t have one or forgot it at home.


Hands-On Adjustments

Perhaps they're not for you or there're certain days you'd rather not be touched. If you'd like to opt out—no worries, no questions. Your body, your choice. We want your mat to always feel like a safe and sacred space. Simply pop a card at the top corner of your mat to let your teachers know to honor your space. *Tip: you can flip your card to yes/no for specific poses*



Please let the teacher know prior to the beginning of class if you have any injuries, pains, special conditions or had a recent surgery that may be relevant to your yoga practice. This includes knee pain, back problems, arthritis, high blood pressure, and more.



Yoga can be very beneficial during pregnancy and after giving birth. If you’re comfortable sharing, please tell the teacher before class begins if you’re pregnant or have recently given birth so they can offer you variations and modifications when appropriate.



Listen closely and recognize your physical, mental, and emotional limitations (we’ve all got ‘em). Aim to distinguish between awareness and curiosity over ambition and performance. 



Please offer your silence during class and especially during Savasana, where the benefits of your practice manifest to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.


Saucha (Purity/Cleanliness)

Showing up naturally clean and fresh, and not wearing cologne or perfume helps maintain a sense of purity in the space. Since many people can’t handle strong scents, the practice of saucha becomes an act of compassion for your fellow practitioners. This also goes for putting away props that are used during class and cleaning borrowed mats.



Whether you enjoyed class or perhaps felt it didn’t quite vibe with you, know that Samadhi’s teachers are dedicated to providing a sacred experience, attentive education, and heart-centered classes. We appreciate any feedback that you’d like to share after class or by dropping a message here.  


Membership holders may bring one guest that’s new to Samadhi each month. Guests can sign in at the front desk and sign a liability waiver prior to class. All guest passes must be received in person at the front desk.


Samadhi may occasionally take photos or videos in classes and events for marketing and promotional purposes. By signing the waiver prior to your first visit, students give permission to have their image used in any promotional material. If you have questions or reservations around your photo being used, please get in touch and we will work with you to respect your privacy.


Social Media
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